Admissions & Enrollment

  • Admissions Criteria

    Pre-Admission will be conducted as follows:

    The Centre admits learners with Autism Spectrum and related disorders.

    Learners with Special Educational needs (SEN) and developmental delays, having moderate learning difficulties, will also be admitted to the school, provided that the Board of Directors have unanimously accepted that the Centre will be able to assist the learner, and provide the best learning environment for him/her.

    Final admission will be at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors.


    Pre-Admissions Criteria

    Admissions to Edu – Play Early Learning Centre shall be determined by the criteria set out below:

    We will conduct a consultation with family.

    All medical records, recent reports from psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapist or other relevant professionals as well as previous school reports where applicable, need to be supplied to us.

    We require that the completed Admission documentation, (Contracts, Agreements and other relevant documents) be comprehensively completed and returned to us.   



    On acceptance certified copies of the following documents need to be submitted:

    For enrolment purposes we need the following documentation:

    Proof of identity (birth certificate/I.D./passport), Previous reports/assessments from previous schools attended, Additional reports such as Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist etc.; Additional medical information (if applicable)